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Founded in 2018, Marble.Partners is a collaborative studio working primarily with offcuts and salvaged marble.


We work multidisciplinary and intent to serve a collective conscience rather than the individual ego. 


Marble.Partners is European, based in London and identifies as a Gesamtkunstwerk.


For all inquiries please email:

The Partners

Mia Castenskjold, Co-founder
Mia is a Danish Londoner who came to the city to study fashion design and never left. She has spent the past decade in various prestigious fashion companies in Paris, Stockholm and across Europe, working with designers, artists and talent to produce high end creative collaborations. Her love affair with marble started during visits to southern Europe. Drawn to the tradition of ostentatious marble sculpture in Mediterranean architecture, she found it an exotic subversion of her Nordic predisposition for clean, minimal aesthetics.
In her words, “marble is as enchanting to humans as diamonds are to magpies”. For Mia, Marble.Partners produces more than just functional objects. Her own table – one of the first prototypes – has often been the social centrepiece for memorable evenings; nothing makes her happier than gathering with friends and family to share flowing conversation, laughter, food, music and dance. Mia looks after communication and special relations at Marble.Partners. She and her husband Stefan reside in Hackney, East London, with their daughter Alva.
Klaus Weiskopf, Co-founder
Klaus is a sculptor who grew up in a small village, nestled in the heart of South Tyrol in the Italian Alps. Descended from generations of artisan carpenters, it was curiosity that led him and his craft away from wood to stone. For 10 years he trained and worked in the highest marble quarry in Europe before pursuing an artistic career. As a self-taught sculptor he finds inspiration in fearless artistic innovation before him, from the zen-like abstraction of Noguchi to Carlo Scarpaʼs beautiful brutalism. White marble remains his preferred material to work with; he is enchanted by its enduring simplicity and timelessness, imbued with qualities that are both soft and innocent and strong and raw.
Klaus collaborates on Marble.Partners as product specialist, enabling him to bring his carefully honed craft back to its roots in the quarry. Having witnessed the waste in the marble industry, he saw an opportunity to salvage and recycle individual pieces of precious stone to create products that bring beauty – and pleasure – into peopleʼs everyday lives. Klaus has lived in London for eight years and currently resides in Hoxton.
Stefan Zschernitz, Co-founder
Stefan was a child at Steiner school when he first learned the value of self-sufficiency and independent creative thought. Born and raised in Germany, he abandoned an early attempt at a degree in architecture, preferring instead to teach himself carpentry and building. At the same time, an inquisitive eye for the visual prompted Stefan to develop his photography skills. Today he is an established fashion photographer whose service is sought after by global brands and boutique magazines alike. After a seven year stint in Stockholm, he found his way to London where – like co-founders Mia and Klaus – he succumbed to its magnetic pull and decided to stay.
The inspiration for Marble.Partners came about via a home renovation project and a chance encounter with Klaus. While collaborating on a bespoke table design, Stefan realised that working with marble satisfies a lifelong itch to use his hands. When not working with Klaus in the studio, Stefan oversees the creative direction and visual identity of the brand. He considers collaborating on Marble.Partners with his wife to be a privilege and luxury, as it allows him to work surrounded by his family.
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